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Not only do we wish to increase your revenues but we also plan to enhance your customer experience. Contact us to figure out how we can get started.


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Frequently asked questions.


Sylf operates on a leasing agreement. Unless your business out right purchases a dispensing unit, Sylf will own each dispenser.


It is clear that we must be more careful with touchscreen hygiene moving forward. To reduce the risk of spreading diseases, we plan to incorporate an antimicrobial solution that will coat all of our touchscreen devices. Antimicrobial technology is specifically designed to resist the growth of infection-causing organisms and limit their spread between contact.

In addition, switching to contactless payment reduces the number of touch points in a traditional bar setting as well as eliminating face-to-face contact between staff members & guests. Thus creating a healthier staff. In the near future, we will also be integrating touch-less technology or a companion app to reduce touch points on our devices.

Although we are taking the proper precautions to combat diseases, germs, and infections it is important for business owners to regularly disinfect any surface that may experience multiple points of contact.


Our use of RFID technology as well as payment methods helps aid in the prevention of over-serving/misuse of a dispenser. Although the primary use of RFID tag is to aid in age gating users, other uses include tracking consumer consumption & preventing unauthorized access to users. We hope to create a safer atmosphere by allowing business owners to monitor consumption of each guest and from there set drinking controls.


Most of the establishments in which a Sylf dispenser will be located require guests to be 21+ years old. To further ensure we are following all state and federal laws we also require an age gating process. If a Sylf dispenser is in a common area then individuals must first be pre-screened by a staff member, bartender, or bouncer of the establishment they are in prior to gaining access to a dispenser. This one time verification process ensures that any individual who attempts to use a dispenser is of legal age.


Our dispensers have two operating modes “Self-Serve” and “Bartender.” In Self-service mode all guest are welcome to use Sylf's dispensers without any additional assistance by staff. To get started you select a beverage, place your cup in the dispense area, and then use your payment method of choice. That's it!

In Bartender mode, the business establishment has complete control over the dispensers usage & will require a master RFID Card or password. Typically, our dispenser(s) can be placed behind the counter for non self-service use but it can also be placed throughout an establishment for employee use. The drink process works like this: the employee enters the requested drink(s) as well as the quantity of each specific drink needed. The bartender then must manually switch the glasses at the conclusion of each drink being poured. From there the hard work is over, the only thing left to do is top it off with a garnish of choice. This mode allows all employees to become seasoned bartenders.