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Hard Seltzer & Cocktail Dispenser!

"Sylf" allows anyone to become a master of mixology with the touch of a button. Thanks to self-service technology ...

Simply Tap, Select, and Pour!
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OUR benefits

Discover the core benefits that can help you build a better business.

Sylf''s Touchscreen Alcohol Dispensing includes a wide range of opportunity for both you and your customers.

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Reduced Waste

No more spillage, over-pour, or wasted product. Sell every ounce for its intended value.

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Increased Sales

We allow long lines to disperse at faster rates to increase customer satisfaction & sales volume.

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Consistency & Precision

Every drink is made exactly the same as the previous one, that way customers can be sure quality remains the same drink after drink.​

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High-Powered Data Analytics

Know everything “consumer data” related. Learn more about consumer preferences, consumer purchasing habits, product recommendations, and macro level trends.

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Inventory Tracking

You’ll have access to live pour data that records every ounce poured in real time so you don't have to use spreadsheets or special software.

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Theft Solutions

Sylf prevents theft by controlling drink output, measuring drinks correctly, establishing set prices, and lastly, it acts as an inventory “locker” that safely stores alcohol against theft.​


We source all businesses!

Click through the different tabs to see where you fit.

Bars, Clubs, & Restaurants

Whether you are a bar or a restaurant owner, our compact design lets you decide whether you want to place our dispenser in front or behind the bar– giving you the control to maximize your sales volume during your busiest hours. With our help we can aid your current staff members with no additional hassles & more importantly, let your customer's get back to what they came to do... socialize & enjoy their time!

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Events, Conferences, & Venue's

Setting up an event can be tedious.  No worries though, we make it easier. Having a Sylf dispenser on site means less crowding and more cash for your venue!

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Casino's & Gaming

Sometimes you want a quick drink without the long walk or wait. We’ve all been there. Our intuitive, sleek, design gives customers the power to create their own drink on the go or next to your closest slot machine while increasing the value of the gaming floor.

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Stadiums & Private Lounges

When you’re dealing with a stadium of customers speed is the name of the game. You want beverages that are going to be consistent, reliable, and, most importantly, fast. Luckily, we have mastered those areas and have packaged it in a conveniently sized dispenser to help you control your demand where you see fit.

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Airports, Hotel's, Resorts, & Cruise Lines

Increase the value of experience. Sylf allows your guest to maintain their luxury experience without any changes to the current way you do business.

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Core Features

Core features included with all of our mobile cocktail dispensers.

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Safety & Control

With data insights at work you’ll be in a better position to know more about your customer’s drinking habits. From such insights, you will be able to set controls, & monitor drink consumption.

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Make 100's of drink combinations for your guest to experience! You will have complete control of the product you wish to input & from there we will create a database of drinks customers can select from.

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Faster Transactions

Contactless payment options mean you can serve customers at quicker rates. Each drink will take less than 45 seconds to pour, which reduces wait times and increases potential sales.​

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Smart Transactions

Receive smart notifications exactly at the right moments when you need them. Allow us to remotely notify  your staff in order to keep them on the same page when it comes to your inventory usage.​

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